Bringing home The Baby Bumblebee for families in infant toddler parties, consulting and design

The Baby Bumblebee’s … Ronda Gibeau

☼ Consults and plans baby parties for infant and toddler birthdays and celebrations

☼ Consults for safe and secure infant and toddler environments

☼ Consults on fostering receptive and expressive language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development

☼ Consults on creating diversity for babies, infants, and toddlers

☼ Designs and decorates baby rooms, nurseries, playrooms, and outdoor baby garden environments

☼ Helps expectant moms and dads simply do the work in preparing their baby's nursery room

Consulting Services

Offering consultation of developmentally appropriate practice for infants and toddlers, building diversity as a foundation to the early childhood experience, and establishing safety for your precious little ones.

Party Planning Services

Offering theme packages for baby, infant and toddler parties with the option of Ronda presenting the activities.

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